TUTUM Care Pass

An experimental insurance card

Mint Closed

What is this

The tutum pass is an insurance pass that allows you to claim limited insurance compensation for your NFT loss when using tutum.

How it works

As long as you hold the pass, if your wallet is stolen while trading or minting NFT, you may be able to claim compensation from Tutum team according the rules in Discord.

Claim Rules

- The wallet holding tutum pass before compromised - NFT flagged By OpenSea - Other conditions added in the discord


What is the supply, mint price and mint date ?Free mint and 0% loyalty. Supply and mint date TBA.
Is Tutum safe ?Our code is all open sourced, you can check our code at github.
Why you doing this for free ?Tutum is still in a very early stage and gaining people's trust is the most crucial at this space. Our team has fund backing and we have developed more than one tool that is all free.
How do you prevent people from taking advantage of you ?First of all, we have detailed the compensation rules, and only claims that meet the rules will be paid out. Second, we will have special reviewer to review each compromised case to prevent arbitrageurs.